About us

Pastors Ricardo and Janette Perez (Senior Pastors)

Pastors Ricardo and Janette Pérez received the call of God to the pastoral ministry from Barranquilla Colombia, where they were ordained as pastors under the cover of the Assemblies of God. Listening to the voice of God, they moved to the United States to fulfill God’s call on their lives.

Their love and passion for God, for His Word and His presence, are visible through their daily witness and complete willingness to serve God. They believe in personalized shepherding, where they have offered Christian counseling for more than 20 years for families, couples, adults, youth and children.

Pastors Ricardo and Janette Pérez, have been anointed by God, also as passionate teachers to teach His Word. They believe, and move in the prophetic area, always seeking to hear clearly the voice of God. As intercessors, and as the Holy Spirit guides them, they have prayed and moaned for many nations, anointing territories, planting flags, praising, dancing and declaring them for Christ. They love territorial intercession and believe that it is real and manifests the Word that says: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to give good news to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted; To proclaim liberty to the captives, and sight to the blind; To release the oppressed; To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. ” (Luke 4:18 -19)

Both have Bachelor’s in Theology at Vision International University. Pastor Janette has a passion for worshiping God through her dance for HIM and has, as ministerial vision and dream, to teach the people to love Him in the extreme and adore Him without limits, a vision that develops in the company of their children Pastor Gabriel Pérez and Isabella Pérez, through the Dance for My Beloved King ministry, under the cover of the Cornerstone Christian Church.


We are a Christian congregation, inspired by the New Testament church model. We work for people to know, worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ; evangelizing non-believers and making disciples of the nations, teaching them to keep the Word of God and preparing them for their service.


To seek the integral restoration and formation of the character of Christ in people, through the presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the teaching of the principles and values of the Sacred Scriptures, and the practical demonstration of Christian love.



Cornerstone Christian Church was born in the heart of God and established in Weston, Florida in 2001. There the Word of God was sown in the midst of the community and the saving message of the Gospel of Christ was announced.
God spoke to the Pastors and the people of a judgment that was to come from God for Florida, and in obedience to God the church moved to Castle Rock, Colorado in 2016.

Castle Rock is a land where God has called us to continue proclaiming His word and to serve others for the extension of the Kingdom of God. We are a church that loves God in the extreme and we love one another as a family in the love of Christ.


Pastora Nelly Taffur



Pastor Nelly Taffur shepherds Cornerstone Christian Church in Toronto, Canada. Following God’s plan for her life, she moved from Barranquilla, Colombia to Toronto, Canada, and settled there with her son.
She has been a Pastor who serves the Lord in time and out of time. She is characterized by a great love for the sheep that God allows her to shepherd and for the souls of the Kingdom.

She is a very enterprising woman. She has been a passionate teacher of the Word of God, currently the director of the Hispanic Biblical Seminary of Toronto.
In a beautiful women’s ministry, she is the coordinator of “Women in the Kingdom.” Also, in her important work for God in the community, she is the Council Secretary of the evangelistic project “Invasion of God’s love in Canada”.
It has a special call in the prophetic intercession and conquest of territories.
At a professional level, she has a Master’s degree in Advanced Theology at the University of Toronto.

Past Gabriel Perez




Pastor Gabriel Pérez has served the Lord since he was a child. At the age of 9 he was already the church pianist. Since then God has raised him up as a passionate worship minister for His presence and for teaching the people about the true and holy worship that God demands of His church.
He serves in a special way with the young people guiding them in the word of God and how to live radical lives.
He ministers music for The Lord through piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums. He studied Jazz Guitar at the University of Berklee and completed a Bachelor’s in Theology at Vision International University.
He is a living testimony of a young man understood in the Word, guided by the Holy Spirit, who has known how to conquer the heart of God in a constant and passionate search for His presence.